The Art School Salisbury offers a range of professionally tutored classes and workshops in and around Salisbury for all levels of ability. We aim to provide the highest quality instruction and pride ourselves on our goal to be fully accessible and inclusive, offering learning at the most affordable prices to everyone.

All of the the classes include fortnightly set projects that are supported by in depth live demonstrations and include all visual reference materials required for the given assignment. These projects are optional; should students wish to pursue a particular subject or area of interest, support and guidance is given to them to explore this independently. With group projects, once introduced, support is then provided one-to-one for each student at the level of ability they are currently at. With this individual support and targeted teaching, everyone can develop at their own pace, with expert guidance to help them develop artistically and technically as individuals at a tailored pace that is appropriate and comfortable for them.

We cover all subjects; from Still Life, Portraiture, Figurative, Landscape and many more and being fully adept at all popular mediums we can support with any students particular preferences.

Core skills you will learn include;

  • Line

  • Form

  • Composition

  • Perspective

  • Colour theory

  • Anatomy and construction

  • Comparative measuring and other ways of checking your work

  • Negative space and shape design

  • A diverse range of drawing techniques and approaches

  • Paint and brush handling and a wide range of techniques across all mediums

  • Ideation and picture structure and development

  • Materials and their properties, including working with a range of limited and extended color palettes.,and so much more!.

With all of our classes, a range of basic drawing materials are provided to get you started on your first session, and advice will then be given on which materials would best suit your goals, ability level and your budget.

Weekend workshops that also explore particular subjects or techniques in more depth are also available periodically, and listed on the blog tab of the site. 

Tisbury Art Circle

The Hinton Hall, Tisbury. SP3 6NH


Currently not running, return date to be decided later this year.

Tisbury Art Circle is a long established group that have been meeting now for well over a decade. I have had the pleasure of working with this group now for the last ten years;  in that time I've had the joy of seeing it's members develop and improve in such an inspirational way.

Projects are offered to students on a weekly or course structured basis, but these are entirely optional. Members are welcome to bring along anything that they are working on or they would like to pursue or develop, with on hand one to one guidance if required. All subjects are covered in class: landscape, still life, portraiture and figure and natural history and tuition is available for all media. This is a class for a levels of ability and tuition is very much tailored to each individuals level. Demonstrations are also given in class to introduce new techniques and methods and detail various approaches to the process and development of that weeks subject.

Attendance can be from 2-4 hours anytime within the four hour session.

St Pauls Painting and Drawing class

St Pauls Church Centre,

Salisbury. SP2 7QW




Afternoon class- 2.30pm- 4.50pm


Evening class- 6.40pm- 9pm

No classes on bank holidays. Both classes return on the 8th of August



£44 pounds for 4 consecutive sessions(£11 per week), or £17 per session, pay as you go. Places for each class are limited  and priority will be given to block bookings. 

Introducing a new professionally tutored fundamentals of Painting and Drawing evening class, tailored once again to all ability levels. This weekly session will cover the entire spectrum of core fundamental techniques and principles of drawing and painting via weekly projects and demonstrations. As with Tisbury, should students wish to pursue their own subject matter, guidance and support will be available when required. The format closely follows the structure of the Tisbury Art Circle programme which has been hugely successful and well received over the last 14 years. Once again all subjects will be covered for project topics across the entire range of popular dry and wet media.

This is a mixed ability level class, beginners all the way through to the more  experienced. As the class is limited in numbers, tuition is delivered in very much a one to one basis. All mediums are expertly taught, from watercolour to oil and acrylic, as well as a whole range of drawing mediums. Whatever you'd like to master, we have you completely covered and catered for.

Materials are not provided but you can email prior to your first session for a basic material list in order to get started, we can then discuss further options of mediums from there going forwards. The suggested basics to get started in drawing are: generally an a3 cartridge drawing pad or sketchbook, a range of b grade pencils and a kneaded eraser.

Places are limited to 10 people per class and do go quickly so it is always advisable to book asap and in advance.


Amesbury Life Drawing Group- Nude, Clothed and Portrait.


The Bowman Centre, Community Room, 

Shears Drive





Thursdays- 7.00pm-9.00pm


Classes on hold but bookings welcome. 



Between £5 minimum and £10 maximum per session, affected by the amount of attendees of any given evening. This a non-tutored, shared cost class.


Introducing a new weekly evening life class for 2022 that will offer the opportunity to draw from live models for two hours, every week.

Drawing from life is one of the most time honoured traditions of art education and one of the surest ways to improve your ability to learn to see and translate this to your page.


The session will focus mainly on  quick sketch, the aim being to develop an energetic and gestural approach to capturing  the model; through the production of many drawings, your skill and facility to do so will improve at a rapid rate. Poses will start at between 1-10 mins for the first hour of the session, with the final hours focusing more on longer poses, between 10-25 mins.

This is a non-tutored shared cost class, allowing the opportunity for a group of artists to come together through a mutual interest of drawing and painting from life, with the group collectively  funding this valuable weekly resource.

Even though this is a drop in, pay as you go session, places will still be limited to a maximum of 15-20. The first 10 of these  places will be reserved for people who block book 4 consecutive sessions at a time. It would also be much appreciated, even if you are attending on a drop in basis, to give the group a weeks notice of your commitment to attend for that weeks class.


Thursday evening intermediate-advanced class


St Thomas's House,

St Thomas's Square,

Salisbury. SP1 1BA

Thursdays from 6.30 pm-9.30 pm

Currently not running, return date to be decided later this year.

This new class will focus less on the basic foundation skills and techniques and will instead concentrate more on the process of developing paintings and drawings for exhibition and sales ultimately. We will cover more advanced and in depth subjects centred around composition, story telling, emotive elements, structure and picture design whilst also taking the exploration of core techniques further and in greater detail.


The session will also include extended demonstrations and a deeper dive into materials and their strengths and limitations, and how different media can provide a plethora of benefits over others that may better suit the subject.


The nature and content of this class means it is geared more towards the upper intermediate to advanced students. Places will be limited to 10 and we have half of those spots still available. 


These promise to be chocked full of exciting and hugely informative content, so we do hope you decide to try it out and see what it has to offer you.